Kristia Parker

Kristia1Kristia joined the Air Force out of high school, intending to serve in the area of law enforcement but due to circumstances ended up being a dental assistant.  Following her service with the Air Force, she was introduced to the field of forensic science and discovered that her interests and talents fit the profession.  She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from California State University and while in school worked as a toxicology laboratory assistant for the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department Forensic Crime Laboratory.  After graduating, Kristia worked for over six years for a small environmental analysis and consulting firm located in Ventura, California where her work focused on the analysis of atmospheric samples.

In 2010 Kristia moved with her husband and their two children to Missouri, where her husband, who is in the Navy, was stationed at Fort Leonard Wood.  After moving to this area of Missouri it became apparent that the job market for analytical chemists was quite limited. During her work experience in California, she discovered she had a deep interest in environmental related work that led her to pursue her Master of Science in Environmental Engineering degree from the Missouri University of Science and Technology, Rolla, Missouri.

Kristia’s work for Archer-Elgin brings together her science background with engineering principals to ultimately improve the natural environment. Her work focuses on assisting clients in projects designed to provide healthy water, air, and land for the people they serve – focusing on hydrology, water resources management, bioremediation, and water treatment plant design.

Kristia was born and raised in Texas, one of three children.   She started working as a teenager and learned early the value of hard work and effort. After marrying her husband, they moved to the Navy base located in Ventura, California.

In 2010, they moved to St. Robert, Missouri, where their children are both actively involved in a wide variety of sports.  When asked what she does for fun she is quick to answer with “whatever my children are involved in.”  As a family, they spend a great deal of time following their children as they participate as members of various traveling competitive sports teams. Family vacations typically include traveling to Texas or Oklahoma to visit family.

Kristia and her family have a love of the outdoors and are now true-Missourians at heart.  They love the many parks, lakes and rivers, and other natural resources of this area of Missouri and spend much of their time as a family participating in outdoor activities. She understands the importance of clean water, air and land to enjoying and experiencing outdoor Missouri.  Her personal commitment to protecting the natural resources that she and her family enjoy is reflected in the work she does.

Kristia appreciates the emphasis that Archer-Elgin places on serving our clients and the opportunity to work on projects from beginning to completion. She is dedicated to building true relationships with clients and recognizes the value that a smaller firm like Archer-Elgin offers to clients.