Municipal/Local Government Services

Archer-Elgin has a multi-disciplined team that offers the expertise, experience, specialized knowledge and resources that are unique to meet the needs of the public sector. Our firm works in active partnership with our public sector clients – identifying needs, discovering alternatives, and integrating multiple disciplines as needed to help our client cities and counties grow, prosper and best serve their citizens. Our firm provides ongoing consulting services to a number of municipalities in central and southern Missouri.

Our firm’s primary engineering services focus is municipal engineering – and we are committed to the relationships we have with our client cities. Archer-Elgin knows there is more to offer our municipal and local government clients than traditional design services. A consulting engineer must be in active partnership with our local government clients – identifying needs, discovering alternatives, integrating multiple disciplines – and in all instances, thinking ahead about how our engineering solutions affect other decisions the client cities must make.

We offer a team of highly-skilled professionals that have experience and expertise going back as far as 50-years with cities in Missouri and the Midwest area. We understand the complexities and unique needs of municipal project design and construction, including planning, designing, funding and operating. We have established relationships with the permitting, regulating and funding public agencies that our client cities work with. And we have extensive experience in working with a myriad of grant and government funding programs.

Our commitment to be an active partner with our clients, assisting them to grow, succeed and prosper, provides the foundation for the professional services we provide our client cities. Ultimately, we work to be a valued member of our municipal clients’ teams.