Client Service

Jeff Medows Resume 3

“As the President of Archer-Elgin, my commitment is to ensure that we are always working to earn the right to be a member of our clients’ team.”

We believe our commitment to our clients is what really sets us apart from other professional engineering firms, and our mission statement and firm values reflect Archer-Elgin’s complete investment in our clients. We measure our success by the satisfaction of every client and ultimately by our ability to be a valued member of our client’s team.

Of our nine value statements, five of them are directly related to providing the best client service:

  1. We listen to our clients and work to understand their wants and needs.
  2. In everything we do, our desire is to be more than a consultant and we adopt our clients’ needs as our own.
  3. Promoting, nurturing and sustaining relationships with our clients is a priority for all team members.
  4. We communicate with honesty, candidness and respect with all clients.
  5. We are committed to quality and work to exceed our clients’ expectations.

Archer-Elgin’s commitment to providing the best client service led to the development of an expanded client service program in late 2012, with the primary purpose of making sure we understand our clients’ needs and wants and that we are providing the best services to meet their needs.

Client service staff members work closely with project managers to assure we exceed our clients’ expectations for communication, accessibility and responsiveness throughout all projects. In addition, client service staff measure the satisfaction of our clients and work with all staff members to assure that we are providing services according to our firm’s values.

If you are interested in additional information on our client services commitment, or would like a client services staff member to contact you, please let us know through the “Contact Us” link at the bottom of this page.