Archer-Elgin has a survey team who has the experience, specialized training and necessary certifications to provide comprehensive and accurate mapping services. Comprehensive and accurate mapping of public utilities, transportation systems, municipal and county government boundaries, etc. has become a critical and essential source of information for utility providers, general contractors, and municipalities.

As-Built Mapping and Conversion to Owner’s Geographic Information System (GIS)

    • • Record drawings during and post-construction
    • • Creation of project record drawings (buildings, site, utilities)
    • • Conversion to insert the drawing data into Owner’s GIS to horizontal and vertical datums specified

Arcadis Base Mapping

Base Map Creation

    • • Usually part of an extensive project planning phase
    • • Work includes parcel mapping, ownerships, zoning, easements, cadastral boundaries, topography, rights-of-way, etc.

Comprehensive Plan Mapping

  • • Typically created as a part of a city or county comprehensive plan
  • • Plan maps include transportation systems, future and current land use, public utilities, boundaries, etc. as exhibits for comprehensive plans

County-Wide Ownership Mapping and Plat Book Preparation

  • • County-wide ownership mapping and creation of county ownership plat book
  • • Usually completed in cooperation with county government to create a county plat book for sale by the county

Floodplain Mapping

Municipal Zoning Mapping

  • • Preparation of municipal zoning map, from mere updates to the creation of a new, current zoning map for an entire city
  • • Part of a new zoning map includes determination and mapping of corporate limits

Preparation of Mapping Exhibits for Litigation Purposes

  • • Presentation of maps, plats, survey, renderings and imagery for litigation exhibits

Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) Mapping

  • • Comprehensive utility mapping using the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE’s) Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) specification, from Quality Level D through Quality Level A, and beyond
  • • This would include the location of utilities as they are installed during construction, so they can be shown on CAD-based record drawings

Utilities Inventories and Mapping

  • • Created for inclusion in GIS or owner’s database
  • • Includes the inventorying of public utility infrastructure and mapping of same