Stormwater Management

Archer-Elgin understands the legal requirements of, and the affect that the management – or lack of management – of stormwater has on infrastructure operation, maintenance and improvement, the natural drainage systems of communities, and the overall environment. This is one of the most challenging areas of community development and can be affected by even small, minimal development.

Archer-Elgin’s specialized and experienced team offers expertise in stormwater analysis, planning and design to both private and public clients. Our staff is prepared to meet ever increasing regulations with practical and economical designs that minimize drainage concerns.

Studies/PlPotosi Utility Base-11x17 (4)anning

  • • Hydrologic and Hydraulic Modeling and System Analysis
  • • Open Channel, Flood Plain, Detention, Retention and Enclosed System Collection Systems
  • • Code and Design Development
  • • Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP)



  • • Stormwater/Flood Control Plans for Municipalities
  • • Drainage Plans
  • • Facilities Plans
  • • Detention and Retention Facilities
  • • Dam and Levee Maintenance and Flood Prevention

Operations, Maintenance and Permitting

  • • GIS System Modeling and Asset Management
  • • Erosion Control
  • • Flood Study, Flood Plain Certificate, Letter of Map Revision
  • • Review of Building Plans for Adequacy of Stormwater Management/Adherence to Municipal Codes
  • • Dam Inspection