Water System Development & Management

Archer-Elgin is committed to assisting our clients as they work to provide and maintain safe, clean and adequate water supplies to those they serve. Our highly skilled and experienced team offers a wide range of services to clients that include municipalities, investor-owned utilities, smaller companies and private-sector clients.

We understand the significant quality of life resource that potable water is for our clients. We approach the study, design and construction of our clients’ water projects as if they are ours to build, own and maintain. Using a common-sense approach, we work to find the best and most economical solution for each client based on current and future needs, factoring in life-cycle costs and applying emerging and new technologies.

Planning/AnalysisWater 5

  • • Facilities Planning and Capital Improvement/Master Plans
  • • Preliminary Engineering Reports
  • • Water Supply and Usage Analysis/Water Loss
  • • Distribution Studies
  • • Hydraulic Modeling and System Analysis

City of Owensville Water Tower





  • • Water Towers and Storage Facilities
  • • Water Distribution Plans
  • • Treatment and Disinfection System Design
  • • Well Design
  • • SCADA Controls for Systems

Operations and Maintenance

  • • Maintenance and Operations System Mapping Including GIS Mapping
  • • System Inventory and Management
  • • Rate Studies and Analysis