Travis Hernandez

TravisTravis is pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering at Missouri University of Science and Technology, Rolla, Missouri, and is registered as an Engineer Intern (EI). Travis has over eight years of experience working in the consulting engineering field. He has been involved in design and analysis of structures, sanitary sewer collection systems and lift stations, environmental assessments, floodplain elevations, and detention basins. Travis has performed boundary, construction, GPS and topographic surveys using state-of-the-art geopositioning equipment.

In addition to consulting engineering, Travis worked for over four years at Missouri S&T’s Center for Infrastructure Engineering Studies, specializing in concrete load testing for structures including buildings and bridges. During his time with S&T, he specialized in assessment and rehabilitation of existing structural infrastructure including bridges, streets, and buildings, to include research projects utilizing fiber reinforced polymers to strengthen reinforced concrete structural members. His work included fabricating reinforced concrete specimens for laboratory load tests, instrumenting test specimens with various measurement devices including strain gauges, displacement sensors, load cells and crack sensors, performing load tests on a variety of structural elements and structures, following ASTM specifications to characterize material properties, maintaining MSDS and inventorying various chemicals to comply with university environmental management policy.

Travis has a wide range of experience working with reinforced concrete in both the research and practical fields to include constructing concrete foundations in both the residential and commercial sector. Travis holds professional certification from the American Concrete Institute as a Concrete Field Design Technician Grade I and is certified as a Concrete Testing Technician by the Missouri Department of Transportation.

Travis has worked with a variety of clientele, including municipalities, governmental agencies, and private individuals. Travis excels in the structural, water resources and wastewater systems fields.

Travis spent his childhood in Washington, Missouri, the youngest of two children. He and his family lived in the country outside of town and after Travis graduated from Washington High School, his parent moved to Morrison, Missouri. As a high school student, he excelled in math and science. He served as a Teacher’s Assistant to his high school Physics instructor, who recommended that Travis consider S&T when looking at colleges.

When he isn’t working, Travis enjoys being outside. He lives on the Gasconade River in Maries Crawford County and spends his time either on the water or in the fields and woods. He says one of his favorite places is anywhere on the water and enjoys fishing, canoeing and boating. He also is a deer hunter – and rural Missouri is a great place to live if you like to hunt.

Travis also enjoys music – both listening and playing. He is teaching himself to play the banjo. He likes all kinds of music but mostly listens and plays Alternative and Indie Rock, Country and Bluegrass.

Travis guides his work and his personal life by his personal goal to live by the Golden Rule – to treat all as he would wish to be treated.

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