Robert Conaway

Rob2Robert graduated with a BS in Civil Engineering in 1999 from Missouri University of Science and Technology, Rolla, Missouri. Rob has over 25 years of experience, to include heavy construction engineer with the United States Army Airborne Corps and over 15 years of experience in the private sector. During the past 20 years, Rob has served as a Project Manager for Archer-Elgin. In his position as Project Manager, he has performed and managed design teams in a variety of project engineering, design, and construction management projects ranging in complexity from simple city street replacement to complex water and wastewater treatment and distribution systems. Robert is registered as a Professional Engineer in the State of Missouri.

Rob is the middle-child of three children and was raised by a single parent. As he describes it, he spent most of his high school days working, chasing girls, wrestling, playing football and skipping school. After high school, looking for change and adventure (and lacking the funds to go to college) Rob joined the US Army Airborne Engineering Corps. During his time with the Army, he saw war-time service during the Panamanian Conflict, the Gulf Storm/Gulf War, the Haitian Revolution, and served 14 months near the DMZ in South Korea. During the eight years Rob devoted to serving his country, he went to night school, earning over two semesters of college credit.

When it was time to leave the military, Rob was told that if he wanted to be an engineer, the only place to go in Missouri was the University of Missouri-Rolla, now known as Missouri University of Science and Technology. Rob somehow found a way to work his way through the rigorous classes at S&T. Rob stays busy with his three children, Jesse, Katherine and Lilly. Their family has developed strong ties to the Rolla community and Rob is actively involved through volunteering and coaching youth sporting programs.

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